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Alphabet (Google) (GOOG) – Stock split history

01.11.2022 — Google-parent Alphabet completed a 20-for-one stock split for its Class A (GOOGL), Class B and Class C (GOOG) shares in mid-July 2022.

Google Stock Split | Where Next for GOOGL Shares?

18.07.2022 — Alphabet (GOOGL) split its two classes of shares (GOOG) by a 20-to-1 margin, a move that reduced the price of one share from just over $2,200 on …

Alphabet Class A (GOOGL) and Class C (GOOG) shares completed a 20-for-1 split on 15 July. What’s the outlook since the recent Google stock split…

Google’s stock just got a lot cheaper for average investors – CNN

19.07.2022 — Alphabet (GOOG -2.21%) (GOOGL -2.24%), the parent company of Google, executed its 20-for-1 stock split on July 15. That represented the tech …

Alphabet Stock Split: The Real Reasons It Matters

Alphabet Stock Split: The Real Reasons It Matters | The Motley Fool

14.07.2022 — The 20-for-1 split means Alphabet investors will receive an additional 19 shares for each one they already own. It will be the company’s first …

The tech giant has finally executed its second stock split.

Google’s Stock Split Explained | Morningstar

The internet giant completed a 20-for-1 split for shares of Google-parent Alphabet after the market close on July 15. In the long run, however, the GOOGL …

Google parent company Alphabet will have a fair value estimate of $180 after its 20-to-1 stock split, says author Jakir Hossain

Is Google A Buy Amid Regulatory Headwinds, Artificial …

18.07.2022 — Google’s 20-to-1 stock split — meaning that anyone holding one share of Google before the split will have 20 today — is one of the biggest in …

Stock Splits in 2022: Should You Buy Google or Amazon Stock?

Stock Splits in 2022: Should You Buy Google or Amazon Stock? | Money

Alphabet (GOOGL) has 2 splits in our Alphabet stock split history database. The first split for GOOGL took place on April 03, 2014.

Stock splits for Google, Amazon and Tesla are big news. But investing experts say it’s best to weigh fundamentals before buying shares.

Alphabet Stock Split History

01.02.2022 — Google parent Alphabet said its board approved plans for a 20-for-1 stock split on Tuesday as part of the technology company’s quarterly …

A stock split history for Alphabet and split-adjusted CAGR.

Google parent Alphabet announces 20-for-1 stock split – CNBC

Google parent Alphabet announces 20-for-1 stock split

The split was to ensure that the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, retained overall voting control of the company, while also reducing Google’s then share …

It wouldn’t be the first time Larry Page and Sergey Brin have make their stock more affordable. It happened in 2012 with the launch of a third class of shares.

Google Stock Split History: What you Need to Know – IG

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